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Meet our dogos


Female, Born 4/1/2013

Parents: Morocho de la Cocha x Amancay del Huinas

Luna is spirited and energetic. She has a very sweet personality and is wonderful with the children. She is great with other dogs and always just wants to play. She is a daughter of Morocho, the famous Dogo.


Female, Born 10/15/2016

Parents: Aji Picante de las Arrias x Riga de la Cocha

Raven comes to us from La Cocha kennel in Argentina; the same kennel that Morocho came from. She came to us very young and had a beautiful heart-shaped nose. Raven lives in the room of our oldest daughter, Isabel. She is extremely protective of her “mother”, and she is always making sure Isabel is safe. Raven is sweet and super feisty. She loves to play with the puppies and kids as well as other dogs. UKC Name: “Milla de la Cocha”


Female, Born 3/21/2015

Parents: Spike Maravilla x Chupina de la Cocha

Destiny is the daughter is Spike and Chupina de la Cocha. Chupina lived with us until we sent her to retire on a ranch in Texas. Destiny is absolutely beautiful and she was a great mother when she had her first litter. She is also super playful and loves to run around and have fun with the other dogs. She’s a total sweetheart, and also a supermodel.


Female, Born 3/18/2017

Parents: Perris JJ Dogos x Rocco de Giribone

Katara is Spike’s daughter. She came to us at 8 weeks from our former partner’s house and she’s super feisty. She lives in the room of our middle daughter, Lily. Katara is very attached to Lily and follows her everywhere. Katara has that incredible black patch over her eye, which makes her one of a kind.


Male, June 27, 2012 – July 3, 2019

Parents: Ch. El Santo de Argentum x Stonham’s Tiny

Spike was our first Dogo. He is calm, humble and so sweet; but he’s also a certified hunter who can take down a wild boar with the best of them. Spike not only comes from a world-class bloodline, but he’s also become a treasured family pet. He will play gently with the kids, but will also protect them fiercely if necessary. He is a wonderful family dog who a huge part of our family. He is also an excellent stud.

Dogos de Maravilla

Dogos are the most incredible breed in the world. Whether you want a hunting dog, a show dog, a guard dog or a family pet, the Dogo is the perfect breed.

Dogos de Maravilla is run by the Maravilla family in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have owned Dogos since 2012. We absolutely love the Dogo Argentino breed and we are committed to keeping it strong.

We originally started in 2013 with a kennel called J&J Dogo Argentino Kennel with another family. We decided to grow into 2 kennels so that we could each focus on our own interests; but we are still great friends and support each other.

We do this because we love this breed and we want to ensure its future success; as well as share it with the world! We only have 2, sometimes 3, litters per year. We only have 1 litter at a time and we focus all of our time and attention on the puppies. We want the strongest, heartiest, happiest puppies they can be. So it’s vital that we spend as much time and energy as possible taking care of our dogs and puppies. We feed them good food, we spend time with them and we socialize them.

Our children are very involved with our dogs, which guarantees that our puppies are socialized with humans as well as other dogs from a very young age. In addition, we speak both English and Spanish fluently and so do our dogs.

Some of our past litters

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